Nine out of 10 Norwegians Feel Stressed

And it's not just Norweigians who feel the stress.

Are you in need of stress relief training? A Norwegian survey reveals that 9 out of 10 professionals feel stressed, and the number one cause of stress is not getting done what you planned to do

Course and conference specialists Confex are continuously surveying Scandinavian professionals as they look to improve their training concepts. They have noticed a strong and growing trend that more and more are feeling stress at work.

When asked directly 87.5 percent of Norwegian professionals answer that they feel stressed, and 10 percent feel stressed all the time, says Therese Sørensen, Head of Product Development at Confex.

The numbers she is referring to stem from a survey done this winter among 700 professionals.

Confex have developed a lot of different concepts around stress and have noticed a shift in what people state as causes for stress in the workplace. This also shows in the recent survey.

Nagging customers and difficult colleagues used to be the main cause of stress, and though we still find those irritating, people are now complaining more about not getting things done due to interruptions from emails, unscheduled meetings and a continuous stream of new tools to be learned and used.

What's interesting for us as a supplier of training courses is that the audience are shifting from stress relief and motivational concepts to more hands on stuff like Time Management or Excel. "Softer" topics like "Mindfulness" are still going well, but more and more Scandinavian workers seem to accept stress as "part of the job" and are looking to work more efficiently to counter the increasing workloads, continues Sørensen.