NFL and the Urology Care Foundation Team Up to Offer Winning Game Plan for Prostate Cancer Awareness


With September marking the kickoff of the pro football season and National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Urology Care Foundation and the National Football League (NFL) teamed up to release a new public service announcement focused on educating men about prostate cancer and encouraging them to join the Know Your Stats® campaign.

The Know Your Stats® campaign is a rallying force to connect, educate, and inspire men across the country to know their prostate cancer risk and to talk to their doctor about whether prostate cancer testing is right for them.

Mike Haynes, former defensive back and Pro Football Hall of Fame member, is the official campaign spokesperson and travels the country with other NFL “Team Haynes” ambassadors driving the message of prostate health awareness and raising funds for prostate cancer research.

He recently joined other former NFL players Harry Carson and Cris Carter, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, to film the PSA urging men to know their risk and talk to their doctor.

“Prostate cancer was the last thing on my mind when I took part in a Hall of Fame health event nearly five years ago,” explained Mike Haynes. “As a cancer survivor, I’m able to educate others about this deadly disease and bring this national men’s health issue to the forefront of our everyday conversations.”

What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer:                                                                       

  •   *More than 230,000 men will be told they have prostate cancer this year.
  •   *If you are age 55 to 69, talk to your doctor about prostate screening.
  •   *Know Your Risk. Aside from age, risk factors for prostate cancer include family history and race.
    •       *One in six men will develop prostate cancer.
    •       *One in five African American men will develop prostate cancer.
    •       *One in three men with a family history will develop prostate cancer.
  • Don’t sit on the sidelines. Visit to learn more about prostate cancer. To learn more about the NFL’s commitment to player health, visit