New Study Says Supplements Shorten Colds, Reports Royal River Natural Foods


Royal River Natural Foods, a locally-owned independent natural health store in Freeport, Maine, reports a new study on Pycnogenol, a plant-based anti-inflammatory antioxidant that shortened colds and reduced sick days.

The report is part of the February 2014 issue of Natural Insights for Well Being, which Royal River Natural Foods publishes free each month for Freeport community friends and neighbors to learn more about the benefits of good nutrition. The February issue also reported that people who took probiotics over the winter had fewer upper respiratory tract infections; omega-3s with vitamin E lowered fasting and long-term average blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes; and people who added folic acid to their diets were less likely to have heart disease, among other important findings.

“They say there’s no cure for the common cold, but good nutrition can certainly help shorten colds,” said Becky Foster, supplement manager. “Whether you are interested in controlling blood sugar, maintaining healthy brain function, or just want to minimize chronic inflammation, February is jam-packed with new nutritional science for you. This month, we present research from well-respected scientific journals, including the Annals of Medical & Health Sciences, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and the journal Age and Clinical Nutrition, among many others.”

Natural Insights for Well Being is free, and Royal River Natural Foods invites all those who wish to gain more valuable nutrition knowledge to stop in and pick up the February issue and meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff.