New Study Highlights Negative Effect of Weight Loss on Metabolic Rates


The International Association for the Study of Obesity has bad news for dieters: as reported in the New York Times, the commonly held belief that exercise is a magic metabolism booster may be largely unfounded. A new study finds that people who lost weight experienced drops in basal metabolic rate (BMR), in spite of daily exercise.

Does this mean weight loss efforts are doomed to fail? Not necessarily, says Scott Steil of Nutra Bridge. Nutra Bridge represents the patented ingredient 7-Keto, which has captured national media attention for its metabolism-boosting effects. Minneapolis-based Humanetics Corporation is the exclusive patent-holder for 7-Keto. The ingredient has been clinically proven to boost metabolism rates, even among people losing weight via diet and exercise.This presents a maddening Catch-22: weight loss means lower BMR, and lower BMR means inhibited weight loss.

“It’s extraordinary enough that 7-Keto prevents drops in metabolism among these groups,” said Steil. “The fact that it was actually found to increase metabolism in spite of weight loss is nothing short of groundbreaking.”

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