New Prebiotic Supplement is Key to Better Health


An exciting new dietary health product has been launched which promotes healthy digestion while strengthening the immune system. Stimflora is a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria that promote healthy digestion and reduce the toxins that are absorbed through the intestines.

This differs from the more widely known probiotics that actually deliver active bacteria to the intestines. A prebiotic promotes one's own system to create its own beneficial bacteria instead.

"Stimflora contains high quality inulin produced to exacting standards.  Inulin is a polysaccharide that naturally occurs in plants such as common chicory and Jerusalem artichoke," says Darin Sims, developer and CEO of Stimflora USA.

"While inulin is a versatile food ingredient, it also has health benefits. It increases calcium and magnesium absorption while promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria. Nutritionally, it is considered a form of soluble fiber and is categorized as a prebiotic."

Stimflora is an important, simple, and affordable way for you to provide your digestive system with prebiotics as a natural precursor to beneficial bacteria. 

Scientific evidence suggests that prebiotics can:

>> reduce irritable bowel syndrome
>> improve the immune system
>> improve gastroenteritis and diarrhea
>> reduce gut infections
>> relieve urinary tract infection
>> relieve constipation
>> improve colitis
>> suppress pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli

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