New Power Rangers Power Blast Juices Save the Day with Nutritious, Great Tasting Juice Boxes

A Healthy Kids' Juice Available at an Affordable Price

Parents looking for an alternative to sugary drinks finally have a healthy option - Go Go Samurai! Saban's Power Rangers Samurai, the No. 1 kids action show, and Genesis Today, one of the nation's fastest growing healthy superfood, beverage and supplement companies, have teamed up to introduce Power Rangers Power Blasts – a line of refreshing, nutrient-rich, naturally sweetened, low-calorie, low-sugar juice drinks designed to nourish children's growing bodies.

Genesis Today's Power Rangers Power Blast juice drinks have 50 percent fewer calories and half the sugar content found in the leading children's juice boxes. The juice drinks also contain more than 11 vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including 250 percent of the daily value of Vitamin B12 for sustained energy, Zinc and 150 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C for immune support, vitamin D for bone health as well as vitamin B6, niacin/vitamin B3, pantothenic acid/vitamin B5, calcium and omega-3 DHA fatty acids.  


"This new line of Power Blast juice drinks is about making sure the healthy choice is also the fun, easy choice, and making it affordable for everyone," said Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, certified nutritionist, and founder and CEO of Genesis Today. "Parents can feel great about their kids 'powering up' with these nutritious juice drinks, and be confident that they are making a positive impact on their child's overall health and wellness."


The Power Rangers Power Blast juice drinks are now available in the refrigerated juice sections at Walmart locations nationwide and HEB stores across Texas in six-packs of juice boxes for only $2.99, making it comparably priced with other juice box brands. The juice drinks are available in Red Ranger Berry Power Blast and Blue Ranger Blueberry Power Blast flavors. Power Rangers Power Blast Juices are naturally sweetened with a proprietary blend of stevia and all-natural pure cane sugar. Like all Genesis Today products, the Power Blast juices contain absolutely no artificial dyes, no artificial flavorings, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, or any other chemicals.


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