New Partnership to Advance Brain Health


Online exercises and other web-based tools are showing promise to enhance our memory, improve our focus, speed our thinking and achieve other gains in brain function. These same tools are also showing real promise for people living with neurological conditions, illness or other disabilities. As a trusted resource for people with disabilities and their families, Easter Seals and its new partner, Vista Life Sciences, are now supporting individuals in navigating this new world of brain health and accessing the services they need.

"Imagine a world where people could protect, rehabilitate, improve or enhance their brain function and better manage or ameliorate chronic conditions like attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, addiction, Alzheimer's disease, autism and many more," says James E. Williams, Jr. , president and chief executive officer, Easter Seals. "This is the vision behind Easter Seals' new partnership with Vista Life Sciences."

Easter Seals' new Brain Health Initiative gives assistance to people struggling with neurological conditions by bringing together assessment, diagnostic, and treatment products developed by various partners, including Vista Life Sciences. The effort serves as a focal point for taking brain health research into practice via Easter Seals' national network 500+ service centers, public education, and community-based practitioners.

Vista Life Sciences will work with Easter Seals' to advance its overall Brain Health Initiative through innovative technological, computer-assisted tools, health-informatics, and other resources. Together, Easter Seals and Vista Life Sciences will be able to serve and positively impact millions of lives. Vista Life Sciences' health information technologies, including neurocognitive, psychological and health assessment, will support those in the Easter Seals' national network to measure and document health changes over time.

"The Brain Health Initiative empowers people with information so they can manage and improve their health," says Peg Molloy, president and chief executive officer, Vista LifeSciences. "If you can measure your health status, you can manage and improve it," says Molloy. "We partner with those who share our passion to improve health and healthcare. Easter Seals is the perfect partner on that journey."