New Hope for Acne Sufferers


New Zealand-based dairy biotechnology company, Quantec Ltd, presented the results of its US clinical trial on acne to dermatologists at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Annual Meeting in Coolum, Australia on July 11-12.   

In the clinical trial conducted at clinical research facility in California, USA  and completed in February, 2013, Quantec's patented complex of bioactive milk proteins - called IDP - was the active ingredient in a specially formulated skin cream that went head-to-head in a double blind study against a premium, US-based clinical brand of acne treatment cream (containing 2 percent salicylic acid plus retinal).

At the conclusion of the 42 day trial period involving 84 subjects, both the premium brand of acne treatment cream and the IDP-based cream showed statistically equivalent results in terms of total reduction in acne lesions. 

The IDP-based cream, however, also showed a major improvement of over 52 percent in reduction of redness and inflammation. 

As part of the clinical assessment, the IDP-based cream also passed specific testing for use on subjects with sensitive skin, making it the superior performer of the two products and ideal for users with hyper-reactive and sensitive skin.       

Founder and Managing Director of Quantec Ltd, Dr Rod Claycomb explains that, "IDP is a unique and naturally derived complex of bio-proteins. These bio-proteins have unique properties, which make them very powerful against certain types of disease-causing bacteria which leave the natural and beneficial bacteria of the skin largely unaffected.

"By leaving these natural and beneficial bacteria active on the skin, IDP creates a perfect scenario for treatment and management of acne. In addition, the IDP bio-proteins signal directly to inflamed tissues and cells to quell the inflammatory response.  IDP contains what we refer to as 'Triple-A' activity - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant."

Dr Claycomb said Quantec was founded on the value that all its products are proven through science and, as such, it was important to the company to unveil IDP and its efficacy as an acne treatment to dermatologists first prior to developing and launching a commercial acne product.

"Quantec is a company committed to developing high-value bioactives from natural products, which are backed with solid science.  It has taken our research and development team 7 years to create IDP and now prove its efficacy as an acne treatment. 

"Therefore, it was important to us to detail the results of our clinical trial and gain the backing of industry-leading dermatologists prior to a commercial product launch."