New Dietary Supplement Aims to Help College Students with Procrastination


Genius Labs is proud to announce the launch of Cram It!, a dietary supplement designed to help college students that struggle with procrastination.

It is no secret that college students are among the worst procrastinators.  Researchers estimate that 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate when it comes to studying or completing assignments.  This issue can lead students down a path to subpar performance and even failure. College is also a particularly challenging setting in which to maintain good nutrition. Many college students eat an unbalanced diet that is heavy on "junk" foods and light on fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods. The brain requires adequate nutrients to perform at its best so it may not be surprising to learn that studies have positively linked a healthy diet to a higher GPA.

Procrastination and a poor diet are likely two contributing factors that are driving 25% of college students to turn to illegally obtained ADHD medications like Adderall. Ignoring the substantial legal risks involved, students take these drugs known as "smart pills" in an effort to study better and retain more information. The statistics highlight the need for a natural over-the-counter dietary supplement which helps students get through their work faster while nourishing their brains with nutrients that help maximize cognitive functioning.

Cram It! is a proprietary blend of powerful herbs and sustainable omega-3 combined with brain essential vitamins and minerals that supports memory, and the ability to analyze complex ideas. The formula has been specially designed to help college students cram through their coursework as quickly and effectively as possible. Unlike energy drinks often consumed by college students that contain high levels of caffeine, Cram It! will not cause students to be jittery while studying. Procrastination will always be an issue for many students, but Cram It! can help make waiting until the last minute a lot easier.

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