New Dangers of Inactivity Identified in Studies

Treadmill Desk helps alleviate the risks of a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can be hazardous occupation!

From Cancer to Alzheimer’s Disease, to diabetes, the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle have spawned phrases like “death by desk” have given a new meaning to “this job is killing me!”

“While getting 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three to five times per week is certainly a significant contribution to our health and wellness, even people who exercise regularly, but are otherwise sedentary, may not be active enough to combat chronic disease,” said Richard Cotton, National Director of Certification at the American College of Sports Medicine.

But carving out more time for exercise from their already hectic schedules isn’t something most Americans are inclined to do.

This is why LifeSpan has created a combination treadmill and desk, which lets you “walk and work” at home and the office. The LifeSpan Treadmill Desk moves at a comfortable rate for walking and typing, and gives you a full day’s worth of physical activity while staying productive.

“It lets you exercise without thinking about it,” said Peter Schenk, President of LifeSpan Fitness.

As the only treadmill desk designed from the ground up, the Treadmill Desk is a seamless unit that features:

>>Treadmill controls built into the front of the desk, so they don’t take up valuable work space

>> Cable management that keeps wires out of the way

>> A work surface that holds a laptop, printer, computer display and other devices

>> A walking surface that doesn’t come into contact with the handlebar supports, reducing vibration

>> A sturdy, reinforced steel frame, providing a stable working surface

>> The Patented Intelli-Guard™ safety feature, which automatically pauses the treadmill after 20 seconds of inactivity


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