New Campaign to Support Prop. 37 and Food Label Transparency


Sambazon, the pioneer in organic Amazon superfoods, has unveiled a new effort, “Knowledge Is Bliss,” to promote food label transparency and California Proposition 37. As part of the movement, the company has released a quick and simple “Shop Smart” checklist of the top four ways consumers can confidently find the highest-quality food products and support non-GMO ingredients. The list is found on Sambazon’s “Knowledge Is Bliss” Facebook tab, which also features engaging educational tools and resources, and exclusive discounts from partner brands supporting the cause.

1. Look for the Non-GMO Project Logo: Foods that bear the Non-GMO Project verification seal are independently certified and meet the organization's high standards for GMO avoidance. Shop Smart Checklist: 

2. Always Buy Organic: Organic foods are labeled with the USDA Organic Seal monitored by The National Organic Standards, which prohibits the use of genetic engineering.

3. Follow the Numbers: Bulk produce is labeled with a Price Look Up (PLU) code determined by the International Federation for Produce Standards.

  • Five-digit codes starting with “8” = GMO
  • Five-digit codes starting with “9” = organic and non-GMO

4. Watch out for the “Big Four”: Corn, soybeans, canola and cottonseed are the most common genetically-modified ingredients used in processed foods. Navigate the grocery aisle with a couple of tools:

      a. Print the Non-GMO Shop Smart CHecklist at Sambazon Facebook page

      b. Download the True Food app to reference while shopping

In addition to the Shop Smart Checklist, Sambazon’s “Knowledge is Bliss” Facebook tab provides consumers with straightforward information about GMOs and resources to take action locally and nationally. Sambazon has also partnered with Just Label It, the national coalition dedicated to mandatory federal labeling of GMOs, to feature fun and informative graphics on the Facebook tab that consumers can share with family and friends.

Those visiting the Facebook tab are also encouraged to “vote” for food label transparency with their wallets by downloading the Non-GMO Coupon Booklet, which includes valuable offers from well-established non-GMO brands, including Lundberg Family Farms, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Earth Balance, Nature’s Path, Vapour Organic Beauty and Uncle Matt’s Organics.“We need to do more than passively support the Label Transparency movement, which is why we’re committed to educating people about why Prop. 37 matters, and helping them make smart decisions about what they feed their families,” said Ryan Black, founder and CEO of Sambazon. “We’re thrilled to share this checklist and help consumers spot non-GMO products on store shelves. Sambazon has always operated under the notion that knowledge is power, and we hope this guide will help arm people with the education and authority to make their own informed decisions, instead of relying on industrialized food companies to make the decision for them.”

Sambazon’s “Knowledge is Bliss” campaign also includes grassroots efforts to support food label transparency, as well as a recent donation to the California Right to Know campaign. To learn more, visit