New Book, “The Smarter Science of Slim”, Reveals a Scientifically Proven Roadmap for Fat Loss by Eating More and Exercising Less

“The Smarter Science of Slim” is the Largest Scientific Analysis of Fat Loss and Health Ever Conducted

"Biology is not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of fact,” said author Jonathan Bailor, who collaborated with scientists worldwide and conducted extensive research on nutrition and exercise for more than ten years before summarizing it in “The Smarter Science of Slim” which launched on January 2, 2012. Based on the evidence Bailor, a Seattle resident, found in more than 1,100 academic and medical research studies, the new book reveals a scientifically proven lifestyle for long-term fat loss and health by eating more and exercising less – but smarter.


“’The Smarter Science of Slim’ is a proven and practical guide to fighting the big problem of obesity,” said Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Harvard Medical School, and Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine. “Simplifying a bunch of biology while making decades of academic obesity research accessible to everyone, Bailor gives a complete and captivating explanation of the science of losing weight permanently.”


According to studies, said Bailor, the “eat less, exercise more—harder” theory of weight loss has been proven ineffective in about 95 percent of cases. Bailor’s solution focuses on “SANE” foods vs. “inSANE” foods, which are based on the quality of calories eaten (Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition and Efficiency), and 20 minutes per week of “smarter” exercise, which focuses on triggering fat-burning hormones. Bailor’s research shows that when SANE eating is combined with smarter exercise, the level of fat the body is genetically predisposed to store drops and long term fat loss and health are achieved. “The Smarter Science of Slim” is the only resource of its kind endorsed by the world-wide scientific community including leading doctors at Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins, UCLA and more.


“The scientific community now knows a great deal about how the human body works,” said Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, Chief, Division of Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. “In culling the literature and gathering the results of so many clinical studies, Bailor presents a program that is based on rigorous science.”


As the holder of more than 20 patents, Bailor has a proven track record for providing innovative solutions to tough problems. He is not only an author, but he is also a program manager at Microsoft Corporation. His expertise is in translating complex technical information for consumers, a skill that made it possible for him to bring the diet and exercise research to the public in the new book.


“The Smarter Science of Slim” retails for $34.95 (paperback; $9.99 for the Kindle and iPad), and is available wherever books are sold (with extra discounting at To complement “The Smarter Science of Slim”, a workbook ($29.95) and journal ($24.95) are also available to further assist readers on their way to good health. For more information about “The Smarter Science of Slim”, visit