New AARP Online Health Tool Will Help Members Manage and Improve Personal and Family Health


AARP and Microsoft Corp. today announced the launch of AARP Health Record, a security-enhanced online service designed to help people over 50 manage and improve their health.  This new tool enables users to enter, store and edit their personal health information in a central location and to share it selectively with caregivers, family members, doctors and other healthcare providers.

AARP Health Record, which is free to AARP members, makes it easy to create and maintain security-enhanced, up-to-date electronic records that can be accessed from an Internet connection. By storing all of their health information in one location, members can partner more effectively with their doctors and other healthcare providers, be better prepared for emergencies and reduce wasteful and redundant paperwork.

"AARP Health Record is designed to help our members better manage their health so they can focus on the things they care about most – enjoying the happiness and peace of mind that comes from living life to the fullest," said AARP Vice President Nicole Duritz. "In today's digital environment, AARP Health Record is the right resource at the right time."

AARP Health Record will focus on giving AARP members a convenient way to track and manage basic health information, such as blood type, drug allergies, medications, and personal and family health history as well as emergency and provider contact information. Users can also print and carry an easy-to-read wallet card with their vital health statistics.  The tool is available in both English and Spanish.

AARP Health Record connects to Microsoft HealthVault, a privacy- and security-enhanced online platform that enables individuals to compile and store personal health information from multiple sources in a single location, and to create additional profiles for their spouse, children, aging parents or anyone whose health they need to monitor or help manage. HealthVault account holders can select among hundreds of connected health and wellness applications to monitor chronic conditions and share data with their doctors, or track progress against wellness or fitness goals.  For example, AARP members will be able to import prescription history from a HealthVault-connected pharmacy—like CVS Caremark or Walgreens—into their AARP Health Record, or choose to enter prescriptions manually.

"AARP is a trusted source of health information for millions of Americans, and AARP Health Record will establish the organization as a leader in helping people navigate the healthcare system," said Nate McLemore, General Manager, Microsoft. "With this new tool, AARP will increase its value to members by offering them a better way to manage their health and the health of their families."

AARP Health Record is part of a broader vision of AARP to develop online tools and services specifically tailored to AARP members and all people 50-plus, helping them manage their medications and chronic conditions and improve their health and navigate the health system.

"This is the future of health care," said Duritz. "Our members need information that is current and convenient, so they can ask smart questions and communicate effectively with the healthcare system, whether they are in their doctor's office or halfway around the world on vacation. Health Record is a great resource for our members to use when interacting with the medical system—whether for themselves, their kids or their aging parents and other loved ones."

AARP Health Record is available at and