Nestlé Expands Nutrition, Health and Wellness Footprint in the United States

It’s not just about chocolate!

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, today reported significant progress in the areas of Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW) in the United States during 2011.

Over the past year, Nestlé has introduced and expanded new NHW initiatives, announced several partnerships with leading industry organizations, and launched multiple campaigns to increase nutrition awareness and help combat epidemic rates of obesity.

“As a core component of Nestlé’s Good Food, Good Life business philosophy, we are continually working to improve both the quality and quantity of nutritious and delicious products that can be enjoyed by every member of the family and for every way of life,” said Chris Johnson, Nestlé’s Zone Director for the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“With obesity rates on the rise, especially among younger Americans, Nestlé recognizes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires making smart choices. At Nestlé, we strive to offer healthier food and beverage alternatives, while also providing solutions for portion control. We have introduced specific product improvements focused on adding healthier ingredients like whole grains, while also reducing sodium, fat and sugar in many of our products,” added Mr. Johnson.

Below are some highlights of key NHW efforts carried out by Nestlé in the United States during 2011:

Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives Initiative
>> Nestlé announced its partnership with the National Education Association (NEA) – the nation’s largest professional educator’s organization—to expand nutrition and physical activity resources for teachers.

>> Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives provides a variety of fun, easy-to-use instructional activities that teach K-3 students about being healthy, while also offering materials that can be used by parents, after-school programs and caregivers.

>> It is part of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Program—a larger global commitment by Nestlé to create shared value through nutrition, health and wellness awareness among school age children.

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
>> Nestlé joined the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a national industry effort designed to help reduce obesity, particularly among children, by 2015.

>> As part of this program, Nestlé has committed to improving the nutritional density of its products by featuring fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium, Omega-3s and antioxidants where it makes sense.

>> Nestlé is also helping its own employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight by offering them weight loss management, programs to help stop smoking and on-site health screenings.

Other NHW efforts include the Nestlé Pure Life Hydration Movement, the Nestlé Nutrition Institute – Reclaiming the Family Meal, and consumer education.

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