Natrol Introduces Nutritional Enhancements for Active Lifestyles and Personalities

New Adult Gummies, Fast Dissolve Tablets, Vedic Mantra and Carb Intercept 3 hit shelves this year and provide more solutions for daily routines

A brand new family of products from Natrol Inc. will hit store shelves this year. The new line includes several existing and new vitamins and supplements in an alternative form of delicious adult Gummies and revolutionary Fast Dissolve tablets. Carb Intercept 3 is a ground-breaking, calorie-burning and carb-controlling capsule that helps metabolize fats for energy. Tropical Thin is an innovative weight control product that features a unique fruit blend of ingredients, such as coconut, raspberry ketones and African mango. Laci Le Beau Fast Dissolve tablets help promote elimination of impurities and reduce belly bloat. Natrol has also partnered with Bikram Choudhury, founder of “Bikram Yoga,” or hot yoga to offer Vedic Mantra a complete line of 10 core herbal Ayurvedic supplements designed specifically for the Yoga enthusiast.

“We know that our customers already embrace a lifestyle of wellness that enriches the mind and body. With these new products, we are both expanding our choices to a variety of multi-paced daily routines, as well as opening up new options for lifestyles with specific needs,” said Lisa Sheppard, Natrol’s Senior Director of Marketing. “Fast Dissolve tablets provide very appealing options for individuals with an on-the-go lifestyle. Gummies are an even more delicious alternative to our existing tried and true products. Both forms don’t require water, and can be taken anywhere anytime. Carb Intercept 3 and Tropical Thin provide an exciting catalyst for changing the way society thinks about carbs and weight loss. And Vedic Mantra responds to the ever-growing Yoga lifestyle that continues to permeate our health and fitness culture.”

Here’s a sneak preview of the new products:

Natrol FAST DISSOLVE dissolves 30 times faster than a standard pill and does not require water to be consumed. The complete line of new products targets a wide variety of healthy lifestyle components: energy, mood, beauty, sleep, immunity, bladder, heart and bloating. All of Natrol Fast Dissolve products come in great-tasting fruit flavors.

  • Adult Gummies are a delicious alternative for every age, and target specific health benefits including Omega-3 for heart health and Calcium for healthy bones. Natrol the No.1 brand trusted for Melatonin and specialty supplements offers 5mg Melatonin in tasty and effective gummies.
  • Carb Intercept 3 contains Phase 2 Carb Controller, with White Kidney Bean Extract, a clinically tested ingredient that helps inhibit the enzyme responsible for digesting starch found in many foods, such as breads, cereals, rice, and pasta. It includes Green Tea and Caffeine, which may help rev-up metabolism and calorie-burning. It also contains Chromium, which is essential for insulin to convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy.
  • Tropical Thin contains a unique blend of tropical ingredients to help promote fat burning and achieve beach-ready results.
  • Laci Le Beau Fast Dissolve helps promote waste elimination and reduces belly bloat in a delicious no-water required fast dissolve tablet. A spin-off of the widely popular Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea line, this new form provides a great alternative to those who want the benefit of the product without having to consume a cup of tea.
  • Vedic Mantra supplements work with the body to support the positive results of a healthy lifestyle, which yoga inherently promotes. Each product is formulated with a unique Ayurvedic blend of herbs to enhance or maximize the benefits of the product’s nutrients.The Vedic Mantra supplement line consists of targeted products for specific health benefits, such as digestive health and sleep, and feature an Ayurvedic herbal blend of ingredients to help promote nutrient absorption. All products adhere to Natrol’s high-quality standards.

Major drug store chains have already accepted the Natrol Fast Dissolve products, and the Melatonin 5mg Fast Dissolve and B-12 Fast Dissolve products have rapidly become top sellers in the Natrol line.

In January, three of Natrol’s core products – Melatonin, AcaiBerry and Easy-C – were chosen as one of celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ top five “12 Days of Giveaways” bonus items. The supplements were gifted to the studio audience as a surprise along with a package from Whole Foods, who is one of Natrol’s nationwide retailers.

Meanwhile, Natrol recently made its debut appearance at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Natrol featured nutritional supplements and health shakes for festival-goers, along with their subsidiary brands MRI and Prolab. Natrol Vitamin B-12 Fast Dissolve proved to be a festival hit among attendees and celebrities, such as Golden Globe-Winning Actress Emily Blunt, Grammy Award-Winning Musical Artist Jason Mraz, Academy Award-Winning Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., and many others. The phenomenon was widely covered by top entertainment outlets including Entertainment Tonight.