National Pet Dental Health Month Shines Light on Importance of Healthy Teeth


Oral hygiene is tied directly to your pet’s overall health. In fact, studies show that keeping your pet’s mouth healthy may increase their life expectancy by up to two years. February’s annual National Pet Dental Health Month sheds light on the importance of oral care.

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80 percent of canines show symptoms of oral disease by the age of three. Bad breath and unusual or excessive drooling and pawing at the mouth can be signs of dental problems.

“The key to preventing oral disease is to begin a hygiene regimen from an early age,” said Bob Scharf, president of Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. “Just as humans need to take care of their teeth, pets need dental care as well. Our SENTRY Petrodex Filled Dental Bones target plaque and buildup to help ensure that pets live healthy, happy lives.”

Available at pet specialty retailers, SENTRY Petrodex Filled Dental Bones are designed to work with your dog’s natural chewing action to whiten teeth and freshen breath. In addition to the bone’s exterior benefits, an advanced dental paste with a residual component inside of the bone adheres to dogs’ teeth and these two elements work to whiten by cleaning away plaque and tartar buildup.

Without treatment, oral disease is an invitation for other health problems such as kidney and heart disease. Oral health is in your control. Tackle it and keep your dog happy and healthy with the SENTRY Petrodex line of dental products. Learn more at