Move Over Fish Oil—Organic Dairy Is the Latest Source for Your Omega-3s


Shoppers have another reason to feel good about choosing organic dairy today. A new scientific study, conducted by Washington State University researcher Charles Benbrook, suggests new benefits from eating and drinking whole milk organic dairy products. The research is now published in the online journal PLOS ONE.

The study compares conventional milk to organic milk from Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative dairies, which provide all of the milk used in products made by Stonyfield, the leading organic yogurt maker. The results of the study showed that, compared to conventional dairy, organic whole milk had a far better concentration of the essential fatty acids that can support brain and heart health.

“It’s exciting to see this new science that supports what we’ve always believed—organic dairy really is worth the investment,” noted Stonyfield co-founder, Gary Hirshberg. “The WSU study goes even further, saying you might actually be able to improve the essential fatty acid balance in your diet simply by choosing around four servings of full-fat organic dairy every day. That’s fantastic news for all Americans who are trying so hard to become healthier.”

In 2009, the Stonyfield Greener Cow Project, a dairy study conducted with Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative dairies, also noted an improved ratio of omega fatty acids in milk from cows fed a diet high in omega-3s.