Mom Knows Best

Probiotics for Babies Support Whole Family Balance

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to pay tribute to the women who exceed expectation on a daily basis and put their family's needs ahead of their own. From field trips and birthdays to sick days and doctors' visits, moms are there to offer love, support, and wisdom. They know just how to fix an "owie" or how to make the perfect PB&J, and everything in between! Moms also know that the daily use of probiotics, starting at an early age, can help maintain internal harmony and support a strong immune system for a healthy, growing child. When incorporated into a balanced diet, probiotics for babies and children, like FlorastorKids and Florastor, can help maintain the natural balance of the body so there's more time for family fun and fewer sick days.

"As a mom and registered dietitian nutritionist, I think of probiotics as my not-so-secret weapon. Appropriate for children as young as two months, probiotic supplement Florastor is an easy way to maintain digestive balance and promote whole-family health," said Jill Castle, registered dietitian and child nutrition expert. "As an adjunct to a healthy diet, Florastor and FlorastorKids can help the whole family skip unpleasant tummy troubles and experience the natural health benefits of probiotics, like digestive harmony and immunity support. All-natural, vegetarian, and gluten-free, both Florastor and FlorastorKids are easy to swallow in capsule form or mixed into soft foods like applesauce."