Minneapolis Orthodontist Has 4 Reasons for Starting Treatment in Summer


Summer is a perfect time to begin orthodontic treatment, and Minneapolis orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics gives four reasons why:

1. Flexible appointments
Office schedules open up a bit in summer months when families take vacations and kids go off to camp.

When it comes to braces for kids, summer provides more flexibility because they're out of school and don't have to juggle orthodontic appointments and school schedules, says Bonvino, one of the Prior Lake children's orthodontists.

2. Less school- and sports-related obligations
Being out of school means no homework and fewer sports obligations to consider when booking an appointment.

3. Initial appointment takes time
The appointment when brackets are placed onto the teeth typically requires an hour and a half. Working this longer appointment into a summer schedule can be simpler than working around a school schedule.

4. Adjustment period
"Getting used to wearing braces takes time," says Lakeville orthodontics expert. "Good oral care becomes more important. The summer provides a good opportunity to become accustomed to your braces and their required care."

The benefits to starting treatment in the summer are numerous, but Bonvino has a word of caution, too.

"I advise parents not to have braces placed on their kids' teeth immediately prior to sending them off to camp or traveling out of town," she says. "You don't want them to be uncomfortable while on vacation, and you really don't want to have to locate an orthodontist in an unfamiliar area to fix something if it breaks or comes loose while out of town."

Remember that orthodontic treatment is about more than achieving a beautiful smile. It creates a healthy bite, teeth, gums and bones. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests having children evaluated by age seven to determine if early interceptive treatment is needed. Summer is a great time for these evaluations.