Metro Gardening 101


With the spring season here, lawn and garden care isn't just reserved for suburbanites. City dwellers can also incorporate greenery in their living spaces. Black+Decker shares the following helpful hints and tool suggestions to help you care for plant life in your smaller space this year.

>>Balconies, porches, and doorways are great places for potted hedges, topiaries, or plant boxes. Each of these is easily cared for with a compact hedge trimmer like the 20V MAX Matrix, which comes with both a 6" Hedge Trimmer attachment and 4" Grass Shear attachment. This tool and the attachments fit in small spaces, making them great picks for apartment and townhome dwellers.

>>If you have a yard under 1/8 of an acre, you can still have a perfectly manicured lawn with the 3-N-1 Cordless Mower/Trimmer/Edger.  The 3-N-1 is ideal for townhomes and condo owners who have limited space because it's compact, lightweight, maneuverable, and easily stored.  It also seamlessly transitions from mowing, to trimming, to edging so you only need one piece of equipment.  For homes that have a 1/4 acre sized yard or smaller, the 16" 40V MAX Lithium Mower offers long runtime and provides cordless convenience and ease of use.

>>Once you've cut, mowed, and trimmed, instead of sweeping with a broom consider the convenience of a small portable blower to clean off your space. Try the 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Sweeper, which is ideal for clean ups on hard surfaces.

>>To top it off, these Black+Decker tools release zero emissions in your yard. Combined with their convenience and portability, these tools are perfect for any metro gardener.


Source: Black+Decker,