Metagenics Introduces the Science-Based Clear Change Program for Metabolic Detoxification


Today, Metagenics, Inc., a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company focused on improving health, released the Clear Change Program, a nutrition-based detoxification plan with both 10-day or 28-day options.

The program is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while supplying adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities, providing energy and support for overall well-being. This scientifically designed program provides nutritional supplementation, a modified elimination diet and comprehensive patient support materials, including a daily menu guide, recipes and online assistance tools.

“The Clear Change Program is our most patient-friendly metabolic detoxification plan to date, providing science-based nutritional support to aid the body's natural processes for clearing the build-up of potentially harmful substances from poor dietary habits, environmental chemicals and other factors,” said Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Metagenics. “Our new program materials are designed to enhance the program experience by making the dietary and nutritional recommendations as easy and simple as possible, promoting compliance to achieve expected and reliable outcomes and help patients feel their best.

“As more and more people and healthcare professionals discover the health benefits of metabolic detoxification, it’s vital to select approaches that supply sufficient energy intake from dietary means. And, just as important, the program should ideally recommend only supplemental nutrients that offer predictably safe use and scientific support for activities related to metabolic detoxification,” Minich concluded.

The Clear Change Program includes everything needed to be successful:

>> UltraClear RENEW

  1. >> AdvaClear dietary supplement to provide unique support for balanced metabolic detoxification activity
  3. >> Comprehensive online tools for patients including webinar, recipes, FAQs and daily eblast support available at
  5. >>Effective patient support including program guides with clinically designed menu plans and recipes and a Patient Diary

To complement the targeted combination of science-based supplements to support multiple phases of detoxification, the dietary program offers further advantages by considering the nutrient intake requirements for the body's normal clearance activities, which are complex, energy- and nutrient-driven processes. The hundreds of different enzymes and biochemical pathways involved in detoxification require the presence of specific vitamins and minerals in order to function optimally.

Additionally, research has shown that the process of detoxification can be compromised by insufficient energy reserves in the form of readily available calories. Water or juice fasts may deprive the body of these vital nutrients and adequate energy intake. The Clear Change diet, which has been clinically designed and recommended for nearly two decades, includes foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that support metabolic detoxification. This no-caloric-restriction eating plan also eliminates potential food allergens that can trigger the production of unwanted compounds that add to the body's environmental chemical burden.

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