Metabolic Workout Program That Lets People Lose Belly Fat In 10 Minutes Per Day Launched On-Line


Just launched metabolic exercise program makes it possible to lose fat in workout sessions of just 10 minutes per day—perfect for people who want to lose belly fat gained during the holidays.

Overweight dieters who don’t have enough time for conventional cardio and fat-loss exercises can now lose belly fat through optimized exercises designed to balance muscle tissues. The muscle-balancing exercises designed by Kareem Samhouri, Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of Global Fitness LLC also boost metabolism- paving the way for more efficient calorie-burn.

By performing multi-joint exercises that work several muscle groups at once, inactive muscle fibers not normally used in typical isolation exercises are involved in the effort and this adds to the total caloric energy used-up. The more muscle groups involved in movement, the more calories the body uses up.

Popular exercises such as the dumbbell curl, bench press and tricep extensions isolate specific muscles and are good for strengthening and building them. However, if done over time, the body gets used to the movement and less effort is involved. The less effort exerted by muscle tissues, the fewer calories used up. Of course, successful belly fat loss also means eating wisely. Dr Samhouri says that the key is to keep the body guessing.

“Fat loss is all about shocking your body. By alternating intensities, changing up your exercise regularly, adding fiber to your diet, changing up the protein sources in your food, and working opposite sides of your body back and forth, you’re sure to burn fat at absurd speeds,” says Samhouri.

When muscle balance through these specialized exercises is improved, so does joint strength. Strong joints and connective tissue means lesser risk of injury. Muscle balancing exercises also straighten posture and improve physique. Put simply, the benefits of balancing muscles is a domino effect, says Samhouri. “A balanced body improves electrical communication to muscles and gets you stronger, faster. It also helps you activate more muscle, so you raise the metabolic cost of every exercise even greater.”

Dr. Kareem Samhouri has helped countless people reach their fitness goals with his intense but effective fat loss programs. For more info about how to lose belly fat fast, visit