Menopause Anxiety and Depression and How to Deal with Them


The menopause transition period brings many uncomfortable symptoms. In the beginning, women may feel as though they are having more severe or even constant PMS. The fluctuating and declining estrogen levels are largely responsible for these symptoms. Women who are going through menopause may be more prone to menopause anxiety and menopause depression, according to several studies.

Pesky hot flashes and sleep-disrupting night sweats are not the only menopausal symptoms plaguing women. In fact, menopause dry eyes, decreased sexual desire, mood swings and menopause vaginal blockage are all quite common. Unfortunately, some of these symptoms can interfere with both health and quality of life. Managing symptoms of depression and anxiety can help women have a more positive menopause experience. 

Persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, a lack of motivation, irritability, difficulty concentrating, flashes of anger, mood swings and increased aggression can all indicate the presence of menopausal depression. Women who have a history of depression, PMS or postpartum depression may all be at an increased risk of developing depression during menopause.

Exercise and good eating habits can be two of the most basic ways to address mild depression by providing a woman and her body with nourishment while promoting healthy blood flow. Women may also need to practice a stress-reducing habit, such as meditation or yoga. Creative outlets that foster feelings of accomplishment and a close, supportive social network can also be helpful. Women should avoid self-medicating with alcohol or other unhealthy substances, but natural supplements can be extremely helpful. 

Natural supplements such as DON'T PAUSE address the root cause of the menopausal depression and anxiety by restoring and balancing hormone levels. Women often report more energy, more positive moods and better overall function when taking one to two DON'T PAUSE capsules a day. Natural supplements can ease symptoms without the need for artificial ingredients or the distress of unwanted side effects.

DON'T PAUSE was designed by the AntiAging Institute of California and Dr. Shoreh Ershadi, whose research identified 45 distinct menopause symptoms. The AntiAging Institute of California offers extensive natural treatment options for age-related health concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, weight gain and menopause.


SOURCE AntiAging Institute of California