Matthew Vettese Offers Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics designates March as nutrition-awareness month, diet guru Matthew Vettese offers practical tips for moderating portions, losing weight.

Weight loss issues cannot be solved overnight. It takes a longer period of discipline and focus to enact the necessary dietary changes. That is precisely why the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics has declared March as National Nutrition Month, encouraging doctors and nutritionists around the country to provide patients with a greater understanding of what it means to eat right. The Huffington Post reports that this year's nutrition theme is "Get Your Plate in Shape," a theme that resonates with nutrition consultant Matthew Vettese.

"This year's nutrition theme is great because it reminds lay people of just how simple and pragmatic it is to exercise proper eating habits," notes Matthew Vettese, a Florida-based nutrition expert. "It's all about reducing caloric intake while increasing nutrient consumption, meaning that anyone can improve their dietary habits just by paying attention to what they put on their plate for each given meal."


In fact, Matthew Vettese advises that one of the easiest ways to guard against improper eating habits is for individuals to literally examine their plates. "Investing in smaller, colorful plates is a great, practical way to reduce serving sizes," he notes. "When you've cleaned your plate, you'll feel like you're full, and like you've eaten more than you really have."


Of course, the right balance of foods is also important. Matthew Vettese encourages filling half the plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with whole-grain carbs.


For those seeking to lose weight and get fit, Matthew Vettese offers another, simple solution: A person shouldn't eat if he or she is not full. "It's remarkable how many of us are conditioned to keep eating long after we're full, just in the interest of cleaning our plate," notes the nutrition expert. "It's always a better to put leftovers in the fridge as opposed to eating and eating until everything is gone."


Finally, Matthew Vettese notes that National Nutrition Month can be observed without total deprivation of the sweeter things. "It's not a bad idea to treat yourself, in moderation, every now and then," he notes. "This is a good way of ensuring that you don't just break down and splurge one day because you miss your favorite sweets and treats."