Mama & Baby Yoga

Gaiam launches DVD designed for mother and baby to bond.

Gaiam, a leading distributor of lifestyle media and fitness accessories, announced today the release of Shiva Rea’s Mama & Baby Yoga. Following the incredible success of her Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga DVDs, Shiva’s latest title offers new mothers a workout that incorporates their newborn into the practice.

Mama & Baby Yoga leads women through yoga poses specifically designed to tone and reshape the parts of the body that change the most during pregnancy. This practice differs from other post-natal workouts because it involves the baby in the routines, allowing mother and child to bond throughout the practice.

Known for her extensive work training instructors in pre and post natal vinyasa, Shiva is tuned into the ways in which new mothers can successfully use yoga as a tool to get their body back in shape.

“Having a baby can put strain on the body, as well as the mind,” said Shiva. “I created these practices so that moms could tone their post-pregnancy bodies while still being able to spend calm, quality time with their newborn.”

Mama & Baby Yoga offers three 20-minute practices, plus a 10-minute bonus downloadable practice:

>> Mother’s Body Toning (20 minutes)
Focuses on floor work, incorporating effective stretching and toning poses to firm up post-baby bodies.

>> Rising up (20 minutes)
Features standing poses to strengthen and lengthen muscles, helping to regain pre-baby shape quicker; while incorporating gentle rocking and connecting with baby.

>> Bonus Download: Daily De-Stressors (10 minutes)
Features poses new moms can use to counteract the daily stresses infants place on a mother’s body.

“Mother and baby yoga has become a trend that studios now offer nationwide,” said Bill Sondheim, president of Gaiam. “We are so happy to work with Shiva again on Mama & Baby Yoga, which allows mothers to do this popular yoga practice from the comfort of their own home.”

Mama & Baby Yoga has a total run time of 60 minutes and the suggested retail price is $14.98. The DVD will be available beginning March 6, 2012 at Target stores and wherever DVDs are sold.

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