Los Angeles Optometrist Dr. Ramin Rabbani Is Now Offering iVitamins


Los Angeles optometrist Dr. Ramin Rabbani is now offering iVitamins, which can help patients achieve optimal eye health. Ocular nutritional therapy combines leading-edge technology with natural supplements to create solutions for some of the most common eye health problems. iVitamins from EyeScience feature complete formulas that are based on the most advanced nutritional research.

Dr. Ramin Rabbani, OD, is a top Los Angeles optometrist who completed his postgraduate training at the world-renowned Omni Eye Services, which offers highly specialized care for patients with cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. He is active in volunteer work and has worked with children and legally blind and elderly patients. He has worked with the Gift of Sight program, which allows him to work with underprivileged residents of Los Angeles, and he has traveled with Volunteer Optometric Students for Humanities to provide eye care to residents of the Yucatan who had little access to eye care. Visit eyelovecandy.com for more information.

The Macular Health Formula is specially formulated to address age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. Its proprietary blend of 14 powerful nutrients offers complete support to promote eye health and prevent the onset of AMD. The Dry Eye Formula combats the discomfort and complications that are often associated with dry eye and to provide powerful relief to even the driest eyes. 

Computer use can add additional strain on eyes and leave them feeling tired, dry, and gritty. The special Computer Eye Strain Formula provides eyes with a powerful nutritional boost to help them get through the day more comfortably. Finally Dr. Rabbani also offers Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil with a powerful dose of EPA and DHA for overall eye health and improved joint health and brain function.

The right eye care can keep eyes functioning comfortably and healthfully. Along with the right nutritional supplements, patients can benefit from regular checkups and properly prescribed and fitted glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Rabbani offers a variety of eye care services for his patients at his Toluca Lake office, and he accepts patients from throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Routine eye exams, contact lens exams, and other eye care are all available.

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