Living with Coronary Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Health Dialog Makes Award-Winning Patient Decision Aid Publicly Available for the Month of February

In honor of American Heart Month, Health Dialog today announced it has made its award-winning patient decision aid, “Living with Coronary Heart Disease” available to the public for the month of February. The decision aid will be available as a public service offering to provide information and support to individuals living with the disease.


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease2. Health Dialog’s decision aid provides patients with information about the condition so that they may be more informed and empowered as they deal with the disease day-to-day, as so many people do. 


Through a Shared Decision Making approach, Health Dialog’s decision aid guides patients through the information necessary for living with coronary heart disease, including questions to ask their doctor and tips for living a heart healthy lifestyle. In addition, the resource provides helpful tips on quitting smoking, being more active, improving nutrition, and lowering cholesterol. Patient-friendly illustrations and a dictionary of medical terms also provide information and insight necessary to proactively manage the illness.


“Millions of men and women in the United States are affected by heart disease each year,” said Peter Goldbach, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Health Dialog. “When patients are diagnosed with a chronic disease, they are often left searching for answers and information they can trust. Health Dialog’s decision aids, developed with assistance from expert medical clinicians, are designed to support patients as they make decisions and to provide them with the information they need to stay on top of their health and care.”


Health Dialog’s library of medical decision aids delivers industry-leading content with support for more than 30 conditions, including chronic conditions, surgical decisions, and screening and testing. Available online through the Health Crossroads website, and also through DVD and print materials, Health Dialog’s decision aids are currently available to more than 18 million individuals. The Shared Decision Making approach, through which patients become educated, empowered, and involved in their healthcare decisions with their doctors, has been proven effective in improving quality of care, patient satisfaction, and spiraling healthcare costs.


In addition to the Health Crossroads offering, Health Dialog recently launched the HD Care Compass tool, a separate web and mobile site that supports patients after the decision to have a surgery or medical test has been made. Available to the public, the HD Care Compass resource currently covers seven different surgeries and tests, including education and support for cardiac catheterization, a medical procedure used to diagnose and treat coronary heart disease.


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