LifeAgain Announces Recognition Of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

LifeAgain launches BlueMetric Select term life insurance - first program designed for men with active localized prostate cancer

LifeAgain Insurance Solutions Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cardium Therapeutics, today announced its recognition of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. September 2013 has been declared National Prostate Awareness Month by presidential proclamation to “raise awareness, support research, improve care, and reduce the impact of this disease on our citizens and our nation.” 

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, affecting 1 in 6 men. In 2013, more than 238,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and more than 30,000 men will die from the disease. It is estimated that over the next 10 years in the United States, approximately 8 million men under age 64 will be determined to have elevated PSA scores (prostate-specific antigen) without formal determination of prostate cancer, and 1 million men under age 64 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Overall, 1.6 million men have elevated PSA, and about 30 percent of them will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Currently, men with elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) scores and active localized prostate cancer usually are considered uninsurable based on traditional life insurance underwriting standards. Pioneering this field, LifeAgain recently introduced the first term life insurance for men with active localized prostate cancer. LifeAgain’s BlueMetric Select™ program was specifically designed to assist life insurance companies to provide eligible men with term life insurance coverage following a cancer diagnosis or upon the completion of a prostate cancer surgery, without the traditional multi-year waiting periods and additional medical re-qualifications generally required by most life insurance companies. Importantly, it is available to prostate cancer patients who are in a “watchful waiting” treatment plan, including younger men who traditionally have been denied life insurance with few exceptions. The BlueMetric Select program was developed based on LifeAgain’s Advanced Medical Data Analytics Platform Technology (ADAPT™). Additional information about the BlueMetric Select Program is available at