Legit Organics Spins a Soulful Remix on America's Favorite Candy


Classic candy flavors get a savvy upgrade with Legit Organics. The Oregon-based candy company is forgoing the phony, chemical-laden ingredients found in popular candy to keep it real with pure organics, instead. Not only is the family-run brand committed to legitimately more wholesome classic candy recipes, but it also ensures each treat packs a major flavor punch.

"In the past, one of the biggest problems in choosing natural and organic snacks over traditional snacks has been the sacrifice in taste," says Jeff Roberts, founder of Legit Organics. "I started the Legit brand to solve that problem by creating responsible food that still has soul – food that's rich, delicious, and full of flavor."

Legit Organics' dedication to the "big O" ("O," for organic) goes beyond the freshy freshest of ingredients. With every product made of organic ingredients, a primary production facility powered solely by renewable energy sources, and ingredients sourced from humanely treated animals, Legit Organics is proving to be streetwise, and earth-wise, too.

Legit Organics is launching three new candy products this month:

  • Shot Caller Candy Bar (a.k.a. the boss of all candy bars) – A decadent combination of rich milk chocolate, soft caramel, organic roasted peanuts, and airy nougat.
  • WORD. Candy Bar – Truly divine salted caramel and pillowy malted nougat covered in creamy milk chocolate.
  • Digits Candy-Coated Chocolate Pieces – Pint-size flavor jewels made from gourmet chocolate and available in three varieties: Milk Chocolate, Peanut, and Espresso Bean.


In addition to its sweet, natural remix on classic candies, the brand is also introducing a line of wholesome, single-serving trail mixes dubbed T.Mix.  The scoop: a Brain Blend, Energy Blend, and Island Blend, packed with delicious organic ingredients like gogi berries, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, blueberries, dark chocolate, and a whole lot more.

To geek out on all the Legit Organics treats, please visit LegitOrganics.com.


SOURCE Legit Organics