Legendary Linebacker Launches Cycling Workout Videos

Reach your full aerobic and anaerobic potential.

Ray Lewis, whose training regimens are legendary in the world of football, announced today the release of two cycling videos that he describes as "high intensity workouts that are low impact and will help any athlete improve their aerobic and anaerobic capacity."  

Working with internationally recognized Coach Troy Jacobson and Spinervals, the creator of the world's most successful cycling workout video series, Ray shares the benefits and methodologies for developing fitness through muscle confusion and low impact workouts. The two videos are called "No Limits" and the "4th Quarter Grind."

Lewis, now in his 16th season as a starting middle linebacker, is still considered to be at the top of his game.  Although he has trained on and off with cycling over the years, including many miles with football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, it was following the 2010 season that he began cycling daily.  "You can't take as many steps running as you can cycling," he said.  "I credit a lot of my fitness this season to my cycling ... that is one of the things that really helped me out since I could go really strong and long without all the pounding."

Lewis began studying the strategies of performance gains and increased fitness through cycling, and in the summer of 2011 he partnered with Coach Jacobson to develop a series that would, in his words, "revolutionize training for team sports" and allow anyone to achieve his or her ultimate levels of fitness.  

With his friend and workout partner, former NFL player and United States Olympic Bobsledder Greg Harrell, Lewis formed RL52 Cycling which will offer training strategies at every level, but that will incorporate cycling. RL52 Cycling will soon offer indoor and outdoor bikes, fitness apparel, and state-of-the-art workout strategies for people of all ages and sporting interests.

Spinervals videos "No Limits" and "4th Quarter Grind" are now available through WWW.RL52CYCLING.COM.

Video Links to Ray Lewis' Spinervals workouts