Learn How to Train Dogs to Control Patient Wandering


Caregivers of Alzheimer's patients living at home are exhausted; they need help. That help is here in the form of a loving, specially trained dog that has learned to watch over its patient, to identify wandering, to self-start and alert the caregiver, and then lead the caregiver to the patient's location, acting as a distracter device until the caregiver arrives. 

The need for Alzheimer's dogs continues to grow as the disease increases, and as service men and women are returning home from war with head and psychological injuries. Sadly, the only assistance dog providing program training Alzheimer's dog for wandering control is no longer in existence. Therefore, there is no resource to send deserving individuals. 

Caregiver Follow Me, a book written for caregivers to teach them how to train their own Alzheimer's dog in their own home is now available from the woman who introduced the prototype Alzheimer's dog and helped train subsequent successful  Alzheimer's dog working teams comprised of dogs and caregivers. The book preserves her humane training method and keeps the Alzheimer's dog viable. Caregivers can again be partnered with Alzheimer's dogs in order to give the best care possible to their loved ones while simultaneously decreasing their own stress and workloads.  The author uses cartoons, diagrams, illustrations, photographs, and stories as teaching tools. She writes in a language that is understandable and a style that has class, humor and dignity. 

More information about the book can be found at alzheimersdogtraining.com.