Koa Organic Beverages Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Millions of people around the world struggle to have access to clean, healthy sources of hydration. Koa Organic Beverages has created a revolutionary approach to obtaining pure and fresh hydration, by utilizing a vast, untapped reserve that has been historically overlooked: vegetation. Koa is 100 percent plant based, purified by nature and squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Koa Organic Water is a blend of nine fruit and vegetable juices that have been clarified to take out "the bad stuff." The Organic Water that remains has zero calories and sugar, no color, taste, or odor, and is power packed with the nutrition from its various juice sources. Unlike many beverage companies, Koa does not add any water from the tap nor is it stream fed. Instead, Koa is pure and healthy, naturally loaded with nutrients and vitamins from juice, and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Koa Organic Beverages President and Chief Executive Organic-er Adam Louras says, "People have told us that they have been searching for a healthy, natural and sugar-free juice. At Koa, we're proud of the work we've done to create a unique alternative to both drinking water and juice products." Louras further explains that the company is named for the impressive Acacia Koa trees found in Hawaii that can grow to more than 100 feet. The name Koa means bold, brave, fearless warrior. "Koa is the bold, brave, and fearless warrior helping to ensure that everyone has a healthy source of hydration and nutrition well into the future."

With a 100 percent biodegradable bottle and an innovative approach to production, Koa Organic Beverages combines the ideas of hydration with conservation. Koa is freshly squeezed and bottled in California within 48 hours of harvest. Its headquarters in Dallas, TX handles the marketing and strategy side of the business.

Koa is sold at luxury lifestyle locations such as boutique hotels, day spas, and premium yoga and pilates studios. Koa retails for $4.99 a bottle and the company offers a limited edition 15-bottle case, available only online, for $59.99.

Koa now seeks to expand its reach into new markets and is launching a Kickstarter campaign today that will run for 28 days. This fundraising initiative is designed to help produce Koa locally in towns all across America using seasonal and sustainable vegetation.

"We've supplied Koa to reputable, healthy lifestyle and specialty food retailers in the Dallas area, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive," says Co-Founder Jonathan Rosenberg. "Gathering additional funding to expand to other local communities is the next step in Koa's evolution."

For more information about Koa Organic Beverages' Kickstarter campaign, and what you can do to help, please visit koakickstarter.com.

Last month, Koa participated in the "New Beverage Showdown 5" held in New York City on June 4th and 5th and finished as the first runner-up for this prestigious award. This 'new beverage competition' is sponsored by Venturing & Emerging Brands, a dedicated operating unit of The Coca-Cola Company, and is a way to identify and support high potential growth brands within the North American beverage industry. Twenty-one brands were selected as semi-finalists, among all entrants, and Koa Organic Beverages is proud to be honored with such high praise from one of the leaders in the beverage industry. This event was a great way for entrepreneurial companies to showcase their products to an audience of distributors, investors, suppliers and other entrepreneurs.