Kellogg's Rallies Americans to Share the Power of Their Breakfast

Breakfast Leader and Charity Come Together During National Breakfast Week to Fight Childhood Hunger

Studies show that breakfast can help kids boost their academic performance-improving behavior, reducing absences and tardiness and increasing focus and physical performance. Yet, the alarming reality is that one in five US children live in homes where food is not always available, making breakfast hard to come by. That's why breakfast leader Kellogg's and Action for Healthy Kids are excited to announce the second annual "Share Your Breakfast" campaign to help share 1 million breakfasts with kids across the country who might otherwise go without.   

"At Kellogg's, we believe a great breakfast, like a bowl of cereal with milk, can lead to a great day," said Doug VanDeVelde, Kellogg senior vice president of marketing, ready-to-eat cereal. "Unfortunately, many children do not have access to this important meal, which is why our partnership with Action for Healthy Kids and the support of people across the country is so critical. Together we can make a difference and help ensure kids start the day strong."


In recognition of the campaign and the power of breakfast, administration and congressional leaders in Washington DC will come together on the Hill to officially celebrate National Breakfast Week (March 4-10, 2012) and recognize the efforts of Kellogg's and Action for Healthy Kids to support school breakfast programs through the "Share Your Breakfast" campaign.


"Childhood hunger is one of the most heartbreaking problems in our country. Children who regularly begin the day without a meal encounter challenges learning, growing and concentrating, which could be fixed with a healthy breakfast," said Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo. "I'm very supportive of this effort to provide that opportunity to the youngest, most vulnerable segment of our population. With innovative partnerships and ideas like 'Share Your Breakfast,' childhood hunger is a problem we can solve in America."


"Ending childhood hunger in America is not only the morally right thing to do, it's also in our long-term national interest.  We know that children who go hungry struggle in school, require increased medical care and are ill-prepared for the challenges of the 21st century workplace," said Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. "I commend initiatives like 'Share Your Breakfast' for tackling this critical issue."


Celebrating National Breakfast Week and Raising Awareness

Building on the momentum of congressional support and to rally Americans to join the "Share Your Breakfast" movement, Kellogg's and their partners, including Hilton, Marriott, and Sysco, are hosting breakfasts across the country during National Breakfast Week to reinforce the importance of breakfast. Star of NBC's hit show "Parenthood" and real-life mother of three, Monica Potter will also lend her support and join a community breakfast in Orlando, an area that has a great need but has also seen great success with breakfast programs that have received grants from Action for Healthy Kids.  


"As a mom, I understand how important it is to ensure kids start their day right and always make sure my kids have a nutritious breakfast," said Potter. "I hate to think of children starting their day without a good meal, so I am excited to partner with Kellogg's 'Share Your Breakfast' movement to help fight childhood hunger and ensure that every kid has access to a nutritious breakfast."


When children enjoy a bowl of cereal as part of a nutritious breakfast, they are benefiting from essential vitamins and minerals they might otherwise miss. In fact, cereal with milk is the leading source of 10 nutrients in American kids' diets and provides four nutrients most likely to be lacking in kids' diets: calcium, vitamin D, potassium and fiber.


Action for Healthy Kids: Helping Kids Succeed

As the leading national nonprofit and volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment, one of Action for Healthy Kids' key initiatives is to provide funding directly to schools and schools districts to dramatically increase the number of kids who  take advantage of the school breakfast program to and start their day right with breakfast. Success stories include:


>> Union Park Middle School in Orlando has experienced a 170 percent increase in breakfast participation this school year and has already served nearly 31,000 more breakfasts than last year; and


>> Putnam Elementary in Connecticut, where more than half of students receive free and reduced meals, far fewer students participated in breakfast than lunch; however, an Action for Healthy Kids grant has allowed the school to incorporate "Breakfast in the Classroom" free of charge for all students, thereby eliminating the disparity and helping all students succeed.


"The federal School Breakfast Program fills the gap for so many of our hungry and malnourished kids and really can mean the difference between a child succeeding or struggling through the school day," said Rob Bisceglie, executive director of Action for Healthy Kids. "Kellogg's 'Share Your Breakfast' campaign not only helps raise awareness of the need for this critical safety net program but also ensures that more eligible kids participate. The campaign is making a difference."


How To Get Involved

Each breakfast shared helps get Kellogg's and Action for Healthy Kids one step closer to the goal to share 1 million breakfasts with kids across the country during the 2012-2013 school year. There are many ways to join the Kellogg's "Share Your Breakfast" movement through March 31, 2012, including:


>> People can share a description of their breakfast on or via Twitter with the #ShareUrBreakfast hashtag.

>>  Also, for every LivingSocial Family Deal purchased during National Breakfast Week, users will get a free breakfast on Kellogg's, plus a breakfast will be donated to a child in need. 

>>  People can also redeem an in-pack coupon for up to $5 off breakfast on specially marked packages of Kellogg's products.


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