Keep Seniors Moods in Mind, Suggests Sally's Care Home

Stay on the Watch for Signs of Depression

The very serious risk posed by depression in the elderly is getting a fair amount of attention in print and online these days, but often articles that point out the risks and problems posed by this concern tend to keep the issue on a theoretical plane. Kayhan and Sally Mojab of Sally's Care Home would like to suggest that we do more than simply note the risks of the illness. Relatives, friends, and neighbors need to pay special attention to the state of mind of seniors they know. Seniors who do not seem to be taking proper care of themselves in terms of grooming, hygiene, or eating, who complain of not being able to sleep -- or who seem to sleep the entire day while ignoring basic routines – and who have abandoned favorite activities are exhibiting just a few of the many signs of possible depression.

The Sally's Care Home staff suggests that close family members who spot this sort of behavior immediately make an appointment with a medical doctor who, if necessary, can prescribe antidepressants and refer the senior to mental health professionals. Friends and neighbors should do whatever they can to make sure that proper attention is being sought. However, dealing with this issue can be especially difficult because many of the most depressed seniors are also socially isolated – itself, a major risk factor for depression.

Even elderly men and women with strong, loving families can be prone to loneliness and feelings of isolation and the unending feelings of hopelessness caused by true depression. These days, many families are scattered across the state and the country, and the phone calls of concerned, but far away, loved ones can only provide so much solace.

For many elderly who are also facing increasing difficulty in caring for themselves, placement in an outstanding assisted living facility can be a literal lifesaver. Sally's Care Home prides itself on providing a home-like, affection-filled environment where seniors are encouraged to keep up an active social life with a host of fun and engaging activities and where their physical and mental health is under continued observation. Pet therapy, arts and crafts activities, bingo, movie nights, and more are part of the Sally's Care Home health and happiness regimen.

Many residents and their loved ones report that past issues with depression and other matter have greatly alleviated after placement in a residential care home where patients are kept socially active. In any event, the main concern is to ensure that seniors who seem to be suffering from depression or other issues are given the same kind of attention as if they were suffering from potentially life threatening physical ailments; depression is, in fact, a life threatening ailment. If you know an elderly person who may be suffering from depression, do not hesitate to get involved and do your best to make sure the person is being cared for properly.

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