Just 21% Of Seniors Say They Will Make New Year’s Resolutions For 2012

“Get more exercise” and “lose weight” top respondents’ list of possible resolutions

Just days away from the start of a New Year, a survey of 479 seniors revealed that just 21 percent plan to make New Year’s resolutions for 2012 while another 26% said they might. When asked if any of New Year’s resolutions they might make will be related to living a healthier lifestyle, a small majority of 53 percent said “yes;” 24 percent said “no;” and 24 percent said “maybe.”

When asked which resolution respondents would make if they could only make one, no single resolution from 14 choices earned an overwhelming response, although 22% of respondents said they would resolve to “get more exercise” and 21% said “lose weight.”

The survey was fielded from December 22-26, 2011 by Extend Health, Inc., which operates the nation’s largest private Medicare exchange.

Questions and detailed results from the survey are as follows:

Do you plan to make New Year’s resolutions for 2012?

Yes                  21.2%

No                   53.3%

Maybe             25.5%


If you do make any New Year’s resolutions, will any of them be related to living a healthier lifestyle?

Yes                  52.6%

No                   23.4%

Maybe             24.1%


If you could only make one New Year’s resolution for 2012, what would it be?

Get more exercise                                                             21.5%

Lose weight                                                                       21.1%

Have plans, hopes and dreams for the future                   13.7%

Spend more time with family and friends                          11.2%

Practice religious faith                                                         6.2%

Learn something new                                                          5.5%

Volunteer or in some way help others                                 5.5%

Eat healthier foods                                                              4.1%

Get your affairs in order                                                      4.1%

Pursue a hobby or passion                                                 2.7%

Smoke less or quit altogether                                             1.8%

Make new friends                                                               1.6%

Consumer less alcohol                                                       0.9%

Get a dog, cat or other companion pet                               0.0%


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