Journey To Botanicals Launches Natural Remedy for Stress and Anxiety


Journey To Botanicals announces a new natural essence formulated for stress and anxiety.  The Stress and Anxiety Essence is a subtle tree essence which was formulated to work with the body's natural ability to heal itself.  A person uses a dropper of the essence and places the liquid under their tongue or in water.  Similar products have been used for hundreds of years in situations of high stress including combat, chronic diseases and family turmoil among others.

Dr. Rocco, president and founder of Journey To Botanicals has devoted her life to helping others discover natural health solutions. She has been tirelessly pursuing this effort after successfully applying alternative health practices and techniques to her own life-threatening health challenges. When asked about how stress impacts health she responded, "There isn't anyone I talk to these days who doesn't say I am under so much stress! It doesn't matter where they live, what they do--- or even if they say, I don't have stress--- it's inevitable because stress is everywhere in our world today."

Rocco said, "Stress is not a bad thing all the time. Without it we wouldn't know when to stop, slow down, or sometimes go down."  She emphasized that keeping stress in check in our lives is challenging.  Illness can result when stress factors mount year after year.  Sometimes doctor visits are more about the stress in our lives than the illness.  The Stress and Anxiety Essence by Journey To Botanicals was crafted to assist a person with balancing and healing.

With over 35 years experience as a health practitioner, Dr. Rocco brings a vast knowledge about the natural healing powers of herbs and essences.  She joins other leading healthcare practitioners in believing that many underlying causes of illness are created through mental processes and life circumstances.  These emotional and spiritual situations create an unstable flow of energy in the body which can lead to sickness or "dis-ease". 

In addition to being President and Owner of Journey To Botanicals, she is the President and Owner of Natural Approach to Health, an education and distribution business for nutritional, herbal & essence products.  She is also owner of Alpaca Spring Valley Farm, where she uses all natural health productsfor her alpacas, horses, dogs and cats.

For more information contact:  Jo Ann Reilly 888.271.7432,