Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day Inspires Millions Worldwide to Stand Up for Real Food


The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation launches its first-ever Food Revolution Day this Saturday, May 19 to inspire, educate, and empower people everywhere to stand up for real food. The weekend of events will bring together an international community of foodies, chefs, parents, educators, companies, activists and celebrities to arm people with the knowledge and tools to make healthier food choices.

"Somewhere along the line, our relationship with food broke down," said Jamie Oliver. "On May 19, I urge you to stand up for real food and pledge to bring food education back into our schools, workplaces and communities. Host a dinner party or sign up for one of the great events happening across the world. Cooking with real ingredients, understanding where food comes from and passing along that knowledge will get us back on track."

From chefs in Freetown, Sierra Leone, teaching school children how to cook, to a farmer's market food swap in Boulder, CO, where participants can swap their junk food for real food, to an organic farm tour in Kenai, Alaska, millions of people worldwide will create and participate in events that celebrate, highlight or educate about the wonders of fresh foods.

Food Revolution Day will inspire Americans and people around the world to make small, simple changes that will lead to healthier lives. Recent reports by the Institute of Medicine and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveal that two-thirds of US adults and almost a third of children are either overweight or obese.  It is predicted that by 2030, 42 percent of adult Americans will be obese.

People everywhere can visit foodrevolutionday.com to find and create local food events, sign up to host a dinner party and request to bring food education to their school or workplace. More than 140 cities nationwide from New York and Chicago to Kennesaw, GA, are taking action. 

Notable May 19 events around the country include:

>> Through the magic of Google+ Hangouts On Air, anyone from around the world can watch Jamie Oliver host a live dinner party with some lucky fans and supporters in a live, multi-person video conversation. Tune into the broadcast at 8:00 P.M. EDT from Food Revolution's Google+ page. It will also be shown live on the homepage of foodrevolutionday.com AND youtube.com/foodrevolution.

>> The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation's "Big Rig" Teaching Kitchen will roll up to the UCLA Medical Center where Jamie will give a very special cooking lesson to a group of Los Angeles kids from the Boys & Girls Club. This event is hosted by UCLA Medical Center in partnership with the Boy & Girls Clubs of America and the UCLA Health System.

>> For a great night out with other like minded food revolutionaries, go to grubwithus.com/foodrevolution to participate in one of 34 social dining fundraisers happening across the US that have been curated with some of America's best restaurants.