It’s a Dog’s Life!


The old adage 'It's a dog's life' used to refer to a hard existence of servitude and unhappiness, but for the first time it's been revealed what a typical British dog's life in 2012 consists of and it's a pampered life of luxury that leaves the rest of us howling in envy.

While we may have worries about work, money, relationships or piling on the pounds, our best friends have no such pressures. Tamara Ecclestone may have installed a spa just for her dog in her new £60m Kensington home, but other dogs aren't far behind in the pampering stakes:

>> Walk 11,263 miles - equivalent to 430 marathons or Lands End to John O'Groats 13 times

>> Drink 12,402 bowls of water

>> Receive 1,158 bones to gnaw on

>> Get 9,912 hours of cuddles and pampering—equivalent to one year, one month, and 17 days

>> Spend a third of their life asleep

>> Have 25 all expenses paid holidays—69 per cent of dogs get two holidays a year with their owners

>> Chase off cats from their property for fun 883 times

The findings also reveal that over half (58 per cent) of dog owners would never dream of leaving their dog tied and alone outside a shop or alone in a car (49 per cent).

According to the findings Scottish dogs are the fittest in the UK, walking an average of 2.59 miles a day. London dogs get the most cuddles with a whopping 2 hours and 31 minutes of love every single day.

It's not all sleep and treats for man and woman's best friend: despite being social animals who adore human company, the British dog spends 20 percent or two years and six months of its life alone indoors—even if they are mostly sleeping off the walks and treats.

Pet expert, Pete Wedderburn comments, "It's very refreshing to see the extremes that so many pet owners go to, to keep their pets happy. Whilst cuddles, pampering and treats are vital, we must ensure that we spend just as much care and attention to their future health."

Gary Kibble from Littlewoods, a pet insurance provider, added: "British dogs have never had it so good! While the rest of us have to count the pennies, calories and decades until retirement we can only dream of a dogs life. It also shows we truly are a nation of dog lovers, providing them with exercise, good health and lots of love for our VIPs - Very Important Pooches."

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