Infertility Treatments, When They Heal & When They Harm: A Priceless Lesson In Fertility


Carolyn and Sean Savage, a couple with three healthy children, chose to try for a fourth child using in vitro fertilization. Due to a lab error, another couple's embryo is transferred into Carolyn's womb and she becomes pregnant with another couple's baby.

Says founder, author Julia Indichova:

"When I read this couple's story soon after the publication of their book, Inconceivable (the same title as my first book) I thought, 'Was this couple infertile, or could it be that their 'infertility' rather than being 'cured' by infertility treatments was in fact induced by medical intervention?'

"Four years after the 'embryo mix up' that made headlines, Carolyn Savage at age 45 became pregnant with her sixth child. This time it was a spontaneous pregnancy.

"I decided to make a public statement about this case because there are lessons here that can be immensely useful, not only to women and men facing reproductive challenges, but to all of us interested in healing."

In the new Fertile Heart video (link to video, Julia Indichova offers her views on some questions that call to be addressed in the context of the Savages' inconceivable story such as:

  • What is the effect of repeated failed fertility treatments on the patient?
  • Is spontaneous pregnancy after failed fertility treatment a "fairy tale"?
  • How do financial resources affect choice of treatment and treatment outcome?
  • What is the most hope-filled lesson of the Savages' inconceivable story?


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