If A Mom Takes Time For Herself When Everyone Else Is Asleep, Does It Still Count?

mom.me shares national survey insights on how and when Moms spend Me Time

mom.me, an online destination for women with advice and inspiration at every step of the journey of motherhood, today announced the paradoxical results of a national survey regarding a mom's quest for time for herself – Me Time.

The good news:  as women balance the many responsibilities of their role as a mom, the majority (87.8 percent) are still carving out time for themselves on a regular basis.  But well over half (58.8%) of these women are finding that time either late at night or early in the morning, raising the question of how much sleep and other evening rituals are sacrificed in order to find time for oneself. 

"We commissioned this survey because we want to understand what women are doing when they aren't being a mom – because our editorial team is trying to speak to the woman inside the mom," explained Anne-Marie O'Neill, editorial director at mom.me.  "While it is great to know that so many women are making time for themselves, by digging deeper we find that it is mostly at a time of the day when you can't leave the house and your girlfriends are asleep."

Taking Me Time late at night can also suggest going out, but of those polled, very few (3.8 percent) actually did.  Additional results reveal that most women are spending their Me Time alone (81.4 percent), with about a third (30.8 percent) reading a book, and others watching TV (19.2 percent) or spending time online (11.8 percent). 

"We can extrapolate that moms could be cutting into their much-needed rest in order to carve out Me Time.  We hope that this survey can help instigate a conversation among moms about whether our assumption is true, and if so, how to change it," said Gail Berman, co-owner and founding partner of BermanBraun, the parent company of mom.me.  "We built into mom.me a feature called 'Ask Other Moms' and hope to leverage this as well as our community on Facebook to drive this discussion."

To activate a community discussion, the mom.me editorial team has created two new Ask Other Moms forums:

As a mom, how and when do you find time for yourself?
Are you giving up sleep to have time for yourself?

In addition to the forums, mom.me is launching a sweepstakes tonight at 10pm ET.  Tailored to help improve those late night Me Time sessions, the prizes include ways to help carve out Me Time at a time of day that allows for spa treatments, shopping and date night.