How To Eat Stuffed Turkey Without Looking Like One


Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, family, and loads of food. With so many delicious dishes, people use this holiday as an excuse to pig-out. You can enjoy everything on the table without stuffing yourself, according to Molly Shattuck, United Way's Healthy Food Ambassador.

"During the holiday season, it's important to pay close attention to your eating and exercise habits," Shattuck says. "It's as easy to make healthy choices as it is to make unhealthy ones. The daily choices we make keep us healthy."

Shattuck doesn't expect people to pass on their favorite dishes. "You can taste everything on the table," she said. "The key is to control portion size. Instead of eating a giant piece of pumpkin pie, limit your serving size to a half slice, brush your teeth, and my guess is you won't want more."

In addition to portion control, cook with natural ingredients. The chemicals in prepackaged foods are harmful, and they actually make you hungrier.

The most important ingredient to good health is being well-hydrated with water. Shattuck urges everyone to drink at least 90 ounces of water each day. It flushes out toxins in your body, makes you feel full, and keeps you energized.

"People don't realize that most of the time when they feel hungry, they're actually thirsty," Shattuck said.

Shattuck recommends at least 22 minutes of exercise each day. Easy ways to fit exercise into your schedule include performing a few exercises, such as squats, leg raises and pushups, while watching TV. The most important thing is to get your body moving.

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