In Honor of Earth Day, Gazelle Gives 5 Tips for Green Gadget Use


Gazelle, the leader in high-end consumer electronics trade-ins, today, released five gadget "greening" tips. In honor of Earth Day, Gazelle is encouraging all consumers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle with more efficient use and handling of their smartphones, tablets and other electronics. Here are some specific suggestions:

Gazelles Gadget “Greening” Guide:

>> Charge appropriately. Don't leave your gadget plugged in to continuously charge. Unplug it when it is done to conserve power. Also try using an eco-friendly surge protector that senses when your device is off so it can control power flow in an energy efficient manner.

>> Power down when not in use. In addition to turning it off when you don't need it, you can buy an inexpensive app to protect and extend your battery.  Battery Doctor Pro gets good reviews and is only 99 cents.

>> Protect your gear. The better condition of your device, the better it will perform. Invest in a good screen protector and case—there are even "green" cases made of recycled material.  Remember, the better condition your device is in when it's time to upgrade, the more money you can get back for your trade-in.

>> Declutter. Now that your new smartphone is your personal GPS, digital camera and camcorder, make sure to recycle your old gadgets at your local electronics recycling post so they don't end up in a landfill. For a list of electronic recyclers in your area click here (

>> Get cash for your upgrade. Are you still using an old phone that doesn't hold a charge and consumes a ton of power? The cash you'll get when you trade in with a service like Gazelle will go a long way toward paying for a new, more energy efficient smartphone.

"Gazelle has always taken pride in helping consumers lead a more sustainable lifestyle by providing an easy, fast and safe way for them to get cash for their used electronic devices," said Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer, Gazelle. "To date, Gazelle has facilitated more than 900,000 gadget trade-ins, but there are still many consumers that are trying to lead a more sustainable life and are unaware that their used electronics store significant value. Our hope is that Earth Day can be a call to action for many to begin to trade in their gadget so it can find a happy second home."

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