Homemade Baby Food… Made Easy!

With Introduction of its Freshfoods Line, The NUK Brand Demystifies D-I-Y Baby Food, Saves Parents Money

New parents have many decisions to make, and it doesn’t help to have hundreds of experts constantly contradicting what should andshouldn’t be done. In a move to inspire and empower the millions of new parents who are feeling overwhelmed with parenting advice, the NUK brand is simplifying one of the most daunting yet essential parenting tasks — do-it-yourself baby food – and enabling parents to exercise total control over the foods their children eat and save money in the process.

Preparing homemade baby food is healthy and cost-effective. On average, homemade baby food can save families up to 27 cents per ounce. Over the course of a year, the savings can add up to more than $500.The NUK brand has partnered with children’s nutrition expert and top-selling cookbook author Annabel Karmel to create the easy-to-use Freshfoods product line which provides parents all the necessary tools to easily create nutritious meals for baby at home. D-I-Y baby food is made convenient with this versatile product line that includes cooking and storage accessories and step-by-step guides for cooking simple, healthy and delicious homemade meals for baby on a daily basis, regardless of the time crunch.

“For half a century, the NUK brand has given babies the best start in life with products that directly impact their health, development and futures,” stated Walter Lehneis, Vice President of Marketing for NUK. “Aligning with Annabel Karmel is a natural fit for us as we look to provide meaningful solutions for modern parents that will support the overall health of their babies now so they can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.”

“The Freshfoods product line promises to demystify the process of making homemade baby food and erasing the misconception that it is too difficult or time consuming,” stated Annabel Karmel. “I’m all about getting fresh, healthy meals into the kids and parents out of the kitchen fast… so there’s more time to play, of course!”

Parents can visit NUKfreshfoods.com to secure a free download of Karmel’s recipe booklet, My First Recipes, which is filled with nutritional facts, cooking methods, and of course, easy to make recipes babies will love. Then, parents should pick up these three essential accessories to get started.

  • Considered the cornerstone of the line, the Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker effortlessly cooks then blends foods in one appliance to create wholesome, preservative-free meals, up to four meals at a time! With smooth or chunky texture options, parents can customize the results according to baby’s age and preference. A beep sounds when it’s time to mix to eliminate guesswork. Includes a healthy recipe booklet. (MSRP: $99.99)
  • The Freshfoods Mash & Serve Bowl brings fresh foods straight to the table and allows parents to mash to the desired consistency in one step. This easy to clean set is ideal for mashing fresh fruits and steamed veggies and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Won Spring 2012 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. (MSRP: $6.99)
  • For healthy dessert treats, or to soothe cranky teethers, Freshfoods Fill & Freeze Pops are a must! This gadget helps mom create cool treats like homemade fruit or yogurt pops to soothe sore gums or provide a touch of sweetness whenever it is craved. Convenient drip-catching design prevents spills and an easy grip handle make these ideal for serving little ones in a fun and manageable way for all. Dishwasher safe. (MSRP: $6.99)