HealthPartners Offers Fitness Program for Medicare Members

Access to workout facilities improve health.

Staying active as a senior citizen is important for good health. To help keep the elderly fit, HealthPartners has created the Silver&Fit exercise program for its Medicare plan members.

The Silver&Fit program begins January 1, 2012, and allows individuals using Medicare memberships at one of more than 11,000 participating fitness clubs and exercise facilities.

Medicare members who are not able to participate at the fitness club or simply prefer to work out at home may participate instead in the Silver&Fit Home Fitness Program.

Upon enrollment, members receive a home fitness kit that may focus on strength and exercise, walking, aqua aerobics, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, dance, or stress management. Each kit includes tools to help members perform exercises at home. Members can also access e-coaching courses on

The Silver&Fit program was developed to assist Medicare beneficiaries in beginning or continuing a regular exercise program. Regular exercise has shown to be an important element in preventing some medical conditions, including high blood pressure and heart and lung disease.

Cardiovascular and strength training can also help seniors improve their balance and become more flexible, preventing common slips and falls and speeding up the recovery period from such injuries.

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