Health Coupon Website Launched provides discounts for health related products
[title] officially launches the fully functional version of their interactive coupon site focused on health products such as vitamins, supplements, and other wellness related items.

Internet Entrepreneurs Joseph Borowy and Jacob King were looking for a new project idea. Both having extensive backgrounds in Internet Marketing, they’ve had the most success when promoting products they themselves enjoy and endorse. Thus, they decided to have their newest website emphasize one of Co-Founder Joseph Borowy’s biggest passions: health and wellness products.

Joseph’s health and life quality have been tremendously improved by integrating a healthy lifestyle featuring natural food, herbal remedies, vitamin/mineral supplements, and water purification, among other things.

The problem, according to Borowy, is that most people have a difficult time affording the natural health lifestyle because it can be rather costly.

Joseph’s desire to help others find the best deals on Health Products combined with Co-Founder Jacob King’s marketing expertise resulted in the creation of

“Most people have a hard enough time affording Natural Food for their families, let alone vitamins, supplements, filtration systems, and other remedies,” states Borowy. “What Jake and I have created will allow people to instantly find the best deals for many products that they are probably already buying, and are most likely overpaying for. It’s a win for everyone.”

The design of the website, according to King, provides users with deals, discounts, and coupons for many of the most popular health product stores on the web. The site will launch with detailed reviews and coupon listings for 35 online retailers, including supplement-retail juggernauts and

“Over the next couple of years, we’ll be reviewing hundreds of online retail stores that specialize in health products and it will be a one-stop-shop for health enthusiasts,” says Jacob King, the site's co-founder.

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