Have a Game Plan for a Winning Super Bowl Monday


For most people, Super Bowl Sunday tends to be a night when normal diet and sleep routines are punted right out the window, positioning themselves for a tougher than usual Monday morning.

While osteopathic physicians (DOs) promote living a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods and getting plenty of rest, temporary indulgences shouldn't fumble a normally healthy lifestyle. The American Osteopathic Association shares some tips on how not to get sidelined on Super Bowl Monday.


Rob Danoff, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician at Aria Health System in Philadelphia, shares some useful tips for cutting through that post-Super Bowl fog on Monday:

>> Wake up and walk for at least 15 minutes. There is no doubt you will be tired so you need to rev up the engines.

>> Drink 12 ounces of water to hydrate and wash out the high salt taste from all the snacks and prepared Super Bowl meals.

>> Fuel up with a high-protein breakfast, such as an egg white omelet, Greek yogurt with some almonds or walnuts sprinkled in, along with at least 12 ounces of water or seltzer water with lemon. The lemon scent increases your early morning stamina and elevates your post Super Bowl mood.

>> Come mid-morning, fight fatigue with an apple and a dab of peanut butter, followed by a brisk 15-minute walk if you are able to take a morning break. Top it off with a cup of green tea to keep your mind on full alert and add some cinnamon to increase your concentration and keep you smiling.

>> If you can't take a mid-morning break or if you're stuck working at a desk, stand and stretch, make phone calls while standing and walk in place.

>> Lunch time will test your post Super Bowl stamina. Eat light, eat lean, and hydrate with unsweetened water or seltzer water. Keep your mind and energy levels steady at lunch with a salad of green leafy vegetables, carrot slices, small pieces of tuna, and a clear soup. After lunch, stand and stretch, take five good and deep belly breaths (breath in and out by expanding and contracting your waist and not your chest).

>> By mid-afternoon there is no doubt you'll be feeling a bit thirsty and tired. Chew on pieces of celery along with a piece of string cheese mid-afternoon. This will keep you fueled up on lean burning fuel that won't bottom out your energy levels. Take a stand and stretch break while lifting your arms over your head then back to shoulder level while pulling back towards the shoulder blades and then back to normal position. This will relieve some upper back tension.

>> Time for the commute home. Grab some tea or coffee, non- or lightly sweetened, for your journey home. Add the scent of jasmine to increase alertness

For more information about the American Osteopathic Association, please visit osteopathic.org.