Green is the New Thin


One hundred million dieters are spending approximately $20 billion a year on weight loss efforts, yet a new survey reveals women actually feel more pressure to beautify the Earth than their own bodies. A survey of 600 women conducted by the makers of Green Works products learned that women say it’s being green that causes more pressure than being skinny (39 percent vs. 29 percent respectively).

For some, the pressure to be environmentally conscious even outweighs the pressure to have a great relationship, or have children who are successful in school or extracurricular activities. Along with feeling the pressure, women also feel it’s trendy to be environmentally conscious. Fifty-one percent of respondents said “green is the new black.” And when they do commit a green faux pas, throwing recyclables into the regular trash container is when they feel the most judgment.

”We believe women are feeling this pressure because somewhere along the line green became a status symbol now everyone has an opinion about how you aren’t doing enough to be eco-friendly.” said Shekinah Eliassen, Green Works brand manager. “With all of the different challenges surrounding green, we believe it’s time to make eco-friendly people friendly again.”

Ninety-three percent of women agree that being environmentally friendly should be accessible to everyone. Most women say affordability makes green product purchases more accessible (63 percent) than any other factor.

Ultimately, it is practicality that guides where women incorporate environmentally conscious actions into their lives. In fact, 59 percent say just that, “I introduce environmentally friendly practices only when it is practical given my lifestyle.”

You Don’t Have to be Ridiculous to be Green

As the trend of being green grows, issues with green like eco-exclusion are popping up and being discussed by media, bloggers, influencers and consumers. Green Works is taking these issues head on with a new marketing campaign that pokes fun at how ridiculous green has become, in an effort to remind people that every environmental effort counts.

Starting this month, consumers will see digital advertising, interactive elements and a public relations campaign that proclaim “You Don’t Have to be Ridiculous to be Green” and messages aimed at making eco-friendly people friendly again, with the ultimate mission of making green accessible and practical. Print ads and new packaging will follow this spring.

“We are joining the chorus of earth lovers who’ve recognized that living off the grid and buying big-ticket eco-gadgets aren’t necessarily realistic or within everyone’s means,” said Eliassen. “What we’re saying with this campaign is: green isn’t just for the eco-fanatics or the rich in time and resources. We believe in a green for everyone.”

Green Works products clean with the same power that people have come to expect from The Clorox Company, and are priced comparable to non-premium traditional cleaners and available at mainstream retailers. Eliassen added, “Our products back-up our marketing message. You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green. The Green Works brand provides naturally-derived products with extraordinary cleaning power that are fairly priced and available where regular people shop.”

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