Go On An Interactive Journey of Mind & Body

World-renowned expert on health and wellness creates a revolutionary experience that brings harmony and balance to everyday life.


Deepak Chopra’s Leela is a groundbreaking journey of body and mind, combining ancient wisdom and traditions with technology on interactive gaming consoles.

Deepak Chopra, the internationally renowned author and expert on mind-body wellness, brings his extraordinary creativity, insight, and philosophies to an entirely new medium today: video game consoles.

Leela is a one-of-a-kind experience that invokes full-body movement with meditation and breathing techniques, designed to unwind body tension and offer more focus for mind and spirit. “Leela” meant “play” in ancient languages—a concept vital to mind-body wellness.

Leela is based on the concept of the Seven Chakras, which are energy centers inside every human being. Through seven movements, Leela helps us connect with the Chakras—each movement focuses on a different part of the body.

There is no winning or losing in Leela—Leela moves at an individual’s pace. The goal is to instill an inner sense of harmony, rejuvenation, and balance.

For the first time ever, with Kinect for Xbox 360, players can see and measure their breath in real time on-screen. Leela also offers gentle feedback and encouragement to enhance the meditative breathing practice.

Each person who experiences Leela will also have an opportunity to create a personalized “mandala,” or visual representation of the inner self. No two can possibly be alike, and each one reflects the beauty, nature, senses, and imagination of the individual. On Nov. 11, or 11-11-11, players will be able to create and share their personal mandalas with friends and family on Facebook.

For more information, visit www.deepakchopraleela.com, www.deepakchopra.com, www.curiouspictures.com, and www.thq.com.