Get Away from Motion Sickness


Whether it's packing the car for a road trip or getting ready to cruise to an exotic locale, motion sickness–a common condition that affects millions of people–is one thing women don't need to bring on their vacations this summer. Unfortunately, according to a new national survey issued by Dramamine, the looming threat of motion sickness will have many women rethinking their travel plans this season.

More than half of women (54 percent) suffer from motion sickness, and the majority of them (86 percent) agree that it can spoil travel plans. The survey revealed that more than one third (35 percent) of women often think about changing plans due to the possibility of someone in their family getting motion sickness–either themselves or their children. For example, the majority of those who had been on a cruise (77 percent) were very concerned, at some point, that their motion sickness symptoms might ruin the trip. In spite of their aggravation and worry, it seems the majority of women (57 percent) are not taking any measures to prevent motion sickness.

To help women make the most of their summer travel plans, Dramamine and Colleen Lanin, author of "The Travel Mamas' Guide" and founder of, have joined forces to offer simple tips and clear up some myths and misconceptions about motion sickness.

"Even the most experienced traveler can experience motion sickness, whether traveling by car, plane, or boat, and too many people just suffer through it," said Lanin. "But the good news is, with a little bit of preparation and some simple tips, you don't have to let it spoil your plans to get away this summer."

1. Be Prepared
Pack Dramamine on every trip, and take it about an hour before traveling to prevent the symptoms of motion sickness.

2. Enjoy the View
If you're prone to motion sickness, don't read in the car or on your flight. Instead, listen to music or talk with your travel mates as a distraction.

3. Rule the Road
When on a road trip, volunteer to be the driver. You're less likely to get motion sickness when you're focused on the road.

4. Unplug
Put down your phone, tablet, or portable video game, all of which can trigger motion sickness.

5. Zone Out
Take a nap. By closing your eyes, you're removing the visual stimuli that could potentially cause motion sickness.

"Despite the potential impact motion sickness can have on travel plans, many sufferers don't do anything to prevent or treat it, or do so with the wrong products or ineffective methods," said Steve Smith, Brand Director, Oral Care and Digestive Health at Prestige Brands, Inc, maker of Dramamine. "In fact, more than half of motion sickness sufferers we surveyed had no idea there is an effective way to prevent it altogether."

One of the biggest barriers to preventing or treating motion sickness among those prone to the condition is uncertainty about treatment methods. Many sufferers–65 percent–believe that motion sickness medications will cause side effects such as constipation and blurred vision. And despite the frequency of motion sickness among children, about one-third of moms (31 percent) rarely or never give their children anything to prevent it. A staggering 73 percent incorrectly think that Dramamine is only safe for adults, when in reality, it is the leading over-the-counter motion sickness relief brand for adults and children ages two to 12.

Source: Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc,