Genesis Today Launches New Capsules


As seen on TV, Genesis Today, one of the nation’s fastest growing healthy superfood, beverage and whole food supplement companies, launched today two new weight control products, Caralluma Fimbriata Extract in 400 mg vegetarian capsules and Pure Moringa Extract in 400 mg vegetarian capsules with absolutely no binders, no fillers and no excipients. Both are now part of the Genesis Today product lineup in addition to pure Red Raspberry Ketone and pure Green Coffee Bean, and all are available online at and other reputable online retailers along with health food stores nationwide.

The celebrated Caralluma Fimbriata cactus is one of the country’s hottest superfoods for weight control. Known in its native India as “famine food” and nicknamed the “Hunger Buster” by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, founder & CEO of Genesis Today, the Caralluma Fimbriata was traditionally consumed in times of famine or packed for long hunting expeditions because of its incredible appetite-suppressing qualities. In addition to supporting appetite control, this cactus supports naturally blocking enzymes that break down and store fat, which promotes the use of stored fat as fuel. Genesis Today’s Caralluma Fimbriata capsules contain an exclusive 10:1 (10 to one) extract, meaning it takes 10 pounds of pure cactus to create one pound of pure, potent powder for ten times the power!

In addition to Caralluma Fimbriata, Genesis Today is also excited to add 100 percent pure and potent Moringa Extract in 400 mg vegetarian capsules to its line of superfood supplements. Fondly nicknamed “The Miracle Tree” across Asia and Africa and growing to over 39 feet high, the Moringa tree has traditionally been thought to support prevention of hundreds of health conditions. The “Miracle Tree” boasts incredible amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. This amazing superfood’s nutrient-rich profile not only satisfies the body’s appetite for nutrients through food, but it also thought to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Genesis Today offers both Caralluma capsules and Moringa capsules in 400 milligram vegetarian capsules with absolutely no binders, no fillers and no excipients. The company’s exclusive Caralluma Fimbriata product features a 10:1 extract, which offers ten times the impact on appetite. Also featured on National TV, Genesis Today also offers 100 percent pure Red Raspberry Ketone capsules in a vegetarian capsule with no fillers or binders. Nicknamed “The Great Fat Liberator” by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, every capsule of Raspberry Ketones contains the metabolism-boosting equivalent of several pounds of fresh red raspberries!

The company also offers multiple pure Green Coffee Bean products including Skinny Coffee, which was also featured on national TV. Skinny Coffee is a delicious coffee beverage with over 400 mg of pure Green Coffee Bean extract per eight ounce serving. The Skinny Coffee beverage tastes great and contains 50 percent less sugar than other leading coffee beverages and can be purchased online or in the refrigerated beverage section of Walmart. In addition to Skinny Coffee, Genesis Today offers pure Green Coffee Bean 400 mg vegetarian capsules containing a minimum of 45 percent chlorogenic acids and absolutely no binders, no fillers and no excipients.

More information about Genesis Today’s powerful new weight management products is available at